Earlier this month, Mark spoke at Develop:Brighton, delivering a session entitled “Everyone Can: Techniques and Tricks for Building More Inclusive Games.” After being made an Ambassador to the wondeful charity Everyone Can, with tremendous input and advice from both Everyone Can and the greater accessibility community, Mark aimed to provide some of the issues and a few possible solutions, to encourage other developers into including more accessible features and options within their games.

Alongside the conference, we were able to speak with a number of publishers, showcasing the super-secret prototype – which was incredibly well received!

Fueled by such an amazing community, wonderful feedback and meeting so many incredible people in the Gaming Industry, we have continued work on the new project with more information to come!

Super Secret New Project


Whilst there’s some conventional wisdom about sharing what you have, especially as an Indie studio, as early as possible – there’s still something to be said for being quietly cautious and making sure you show your best work.

And with that, after our successful application to the GamesLab Leeds fund, we completed and have a working, playable prototype of our new game. We will be taking it to this years Develop:Brighton conference in July (Where Mark will also be holding a session!), meeting with some publishers to see about taking it further, and also the upcoming Investment Summit in September.

Once we have something that’s ready for public consumption, rest assured we’ll share it far and wide!

Creative England, GamesLab Leeds


With Seven Teas coming to a close (other platforms are still being finalised and the backer rewards are in the works!), we have been working on new concepts, pitching and applying for various funds.
It is with our latest concept that we have successfully received some funding from the GamesLab Leeds funding programme to develop our concept into a fully fledged prototype.

We are so incredibly grateful and excited to be able to pour our energy into more of our own projects and we cannot wait to show you what we’re working on!