Epic Online Services Plugin


Epic Games, creators of the fantastic Unreal Engine, announced that they would be providing various Online Services to all developers, regardless of the engine they use.

This system would be known as Epic Online Services, provide back-end tools for ticketing and metrics, along with an SDK and a sample project to demonstrate the integration of their features.

At the time of writing, there was currently no direct plugin for UE4, so… we made one! You can find the Plugin on our Github page and more details are available on our Forum post.

You are free to use the Plugin in any way you like. Whether you want to integrate EOS into your project, use it as a starting point for your own Plugin, put it into a commercial project or something else? It is provided as is and any help we can offer, we do so through the Github or Forum pages.

Hopefully it will be of use to more people out there!

All Change!


What a start to the new year, as we wrap up a contract with AAA development team, Slightly Mad Studios, we also start supporting the development of a VR project and Mark is providing an industry perspective to University of Huddersfield students, supporting lecturing staff.

We’re still working away on the Secret Project, hopefully we can announce this sooner, rather than later!

Interview with Everyone Can


Earlier this year, Mark was asked to be an ambassador for the charity Everyone Can. Through the use of digital technology, Everyone Can provide alternate control methods, so that video games are accessible to everyone!

Whether it’s over at the Gaming Centre in Sale, just outside Manchester, or through assessments and providing support, Everyone Can offer an unparralleled gaming experience to all.

Recently, the folks at Everyone Can interviewed Mark, talking about his experience in the industry, what it means to be an ambassador and the future of accessibility – amongst other things.

EGX 2018


The UKs largest video games show just wrapped, and the last year before it stops being in Birmingham and heads south, to London.

The fantastic GI.biz investment summit was also held at this years EGX, to which we took our Secret Project to show, pitch and discuss with various folk to see how we could best move the project forward. Exciting times are afoot!



Earlier this month, Mark spoke at Develop:Brighton, delivering a session entitled “Everyone Can: Techniques and Tricks for Building More Inclusive Games.” After being made an Ambassador to the wondeful charity Everyone Can, with tremendous input and advice from both Everyone Can and the greater accessibility community, Mark aimed to provide some of the issues and a few possible solutions, to encourage other developers into including more accessible features and options within their games.

Alongside the conference, we were able to speak with a number of publishers, showcasing the super-secret prototype – which was incredibly well received!

Fueled by such an amazing community, wonderful feedback and meeting so many incredible people in the Gaming Industry, we have continued work on the new project with more information to come!