Dare with Bamboo: Games for the Wacom Tablet


Having registered our interest in the 2010 Dare with Bamboo competition, we needed to come up with a concept that is not only a fun, original and interesting game, but one that would also make full use of the Wacom Bamboo tablet’s functionality.

Enter Skin Ink.

Our idea here is to not treat the stylus as “another pointing device”.  Sure, the tip of the stylus acts just like a mouse and, in fact, is seen by the operating system and a pointing device… but there’s so much more on offer here that to ignore these features would be detrimental to conceptualizing something unique!
The Bamboo tablets have 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity; a pen and eraser tip; and the surface also supports touch input (along with gestures).
How can we put together a game that can also make use of some (or all!) of these features?

Skin Ink is a fairly simple concept, on the surface.
We treat the stylus as a tattoo machine, make use of the pressure sensitivity and accuracy of the tip and score the player based on their tattoos.
Seems like a simple enough idea and the gameplay mechanics seem logical enough to implement… let’s get it under development and we’ll have some more details how it’s going posted up here soon!