Embedding Fonts in Flash Pro

Something occurred to me just yesterday that, whilst we’ve had this solved for sometime, it took a LOT of figuring out, googling and otherwise smacking the keyboard in frustration. For anyone who has tried to embed a font into an AS3 project – or if you’ve tried and found this after searching Google – you can know it’s a pain … Read More

New Artwork for Skin Ink

In the upcoming release of Skin Ink, we have now secured the artistic talents of tattoo artist Luke Naylor, of Origins Tattoo in Yorkshire. Luke (and his apprentice!) will provide new stencils and background flash art for the game, along with those provided by our resident artists! The latest version will be hitting the stores for testing in the coming … Read More

Bamboo Development Centre: Fixed!

You hear some people warn of working with large companies.  Well, I can absolutely say this is NOT the case when working with Wacom! Our issues were escalated to one of the engineers working on the Development Centre and Bamboo Dock and after a truly enlightening conversation – they’ve all been resolved! So I thought it might be best to … Read More