Facebook Developer Event

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a Facebook Games developer event, taking place in London – just a quick trip down the East Cost rail line and we’re there. The content was to cover Facebook’s new HTML5 approach to gaming on mobile platforms, with a little more detail about exactly how to do this as a developer.  And … Read More

Away3D: Scale/Rotate/Translate an Object3D

Away3D is an incredibly complete, simple to use and powerful real-time 3D engine for AS3 (yes there are others, including Papervision).  We’ve been playing with some 3D within AS3 for some time now, creating a complete pipeline from 3D application (Blender!) to Flash Pro CS5 and finally to Flash Player (or AIR). During all of this, I recently hit upon … Read More

Flash CS5 – 5005: Unknown error optimizing byte code

A quick post, as this issue has been covered in massive amounts of detail over at negush.net but this really is a doozy! Basically, if you have a LOT of code and/or library files being compiled into your project and then… poof… Flash drops this crazy error: ,line 1: Error 5005: Unknown Error optimizing byte code OK… what? If you … Read More