Facebook Developer Event


We were fortunate enough to be invited to a Facebook Games developer event, taking place in London – just a quick trip down the East Cost rail line and we’re there. The content was to cover Facebook’s new HTML5 approach to gaming on mobile platforms, with a little more detail about exactly how to do this as a developer.  And … Read More

Away3D: Scale/Rotate/Translate an Object3D


Away3D is an incredibly complete, simple to use and powerful real-time 3D engine for AS3 (yes there are others, including Papervision).  We’ve been playing with some 3D within AS3 for some time now, creating a complete pipeline from 3D application (Blender!) to Flash Pro CS5 and finally to Flash Player (or AIR). During all of this, I recently hit upon … Read More

Flash CS5 – 5005: Unknown error optimizing byte code


A quick post, as this issue has been covered in massive amounts of detail over at negush.net but this really is a doozy! Basically, if you have a LOT of code and/or library files being compiled into your project and then… poof… Flash drops this crazy error: ,line 1: Error 5005: Unknown Error optimizing byte code OK… what? If you … Read More

Skin Ink in EDGE!


Gaslight Games debut game Skin Ink is in this months issue of the video games publication EDGE Magazine! Look out for us in the article on Culturalisation in the games industry – how we need to go beyond localisation and translation in the video games industry.