We were warned…


When the news that we were going to start a company hit the ears of those closest to us, many were supportive, many questioned our sanity (“… in this Economy!?”) but some had the good sense to know us better.
These were the few folks that knew, no matter how much they tried to put us off, we would still give it a go!

But, much as the title suggests, we were warned!

As anyone else out there who has started their own company can attest, this is no mean feat!
There are the Governmental hoops, the legal jargon, the requirements, mountainous documentation and paperwork (reminds me of the Vogons!)… there really never seems to be an end to it.
Then throw on top of that, trying to still actually do the work.

Which brings us nicely around to what we’ve been up to lately!  We’ve had some posts about AS3 based 3D engines and the trials & tribulations of making these work.
Very soon we’ll be able to announce just what all of this has been about – we’re pretty excited here!
It’s a concept we’ve had for some time, but just never had the time nor backing to be able to bring it to the light of day, and to actually see it, as a game, not scrawled drawings on sheets of paper describing some obscure interaction… well, that’s a great feeling!

Once the ever nearing deadline for this particular game has come and gone, we will endeavour to release the highly anticipated “Career” mode for Skin Ink – thanks to those of you who have bought the game, for the feedback and for the polite reminders that we need to finish it!