Adventures in Indie-Land…


It’s been another crazy fortnight here at Gaslight HQ.

Project’s are still well underway, with everyone pulling their respective independent sections together into a neat and cohesive whole.
At least… that’s the idea!
But anyone who’s ever worked on a project will attest to the best laid plans of mice, often going awry.  I wouldn’t say we’re at that stage as one is ever the optimist.

Apart from the projects, to which we’re still under those ever restrictive NDAs, there have been some other crazy adventures.  Most recently and with thanks to Game Republic and the UKTI, we attended a conference regarding a fantastic scheme being run called the “Passport to Export”, or P2E.
The P2E scheme is directed at companies much like ourselves where some funding and assistance by those in the know would go to tremendous steps in furthering our business.  In our case, through P2E we’re now able to attend GDC!

Yes, that’s right, Gaslight Games will be at the Games Developer Conference, in San Francisco next March (2012).  As you can probably tell, we’re pretty excited!
Most of us have wanted to attend, even as Students (many, many moons ago) just for the opportunity to meet and discuss our favourite subject with those who are truly in the know.

As usual, we’ll keep you posted on everything as and when we can… in the meantime, I guess we should get prepping for the States, as it’s less than 6 months away!