Busy Little Bees…


Hello Internet!

It’s been quite some time since the site was last updated… that usually means people are struggling to inform the World of anything new or interesting – but with us, it’s quite the opposite!
Things are incredibly busy, here at Gaslight HQ, for which I’ll try to let you all know what’s going on.

(The usual disclaimer here: a lot of what we’re working on is still under NDAs, so if I’m talking cryptically, it’s not to sound cool… well, not just to sound cool, but it’s actually a matter of legal requirement!)

In true flashback style, cue the wavy fade out and let’s get to it…

Several of the team were in training and preparation to run the 2011 Rippon leg of the Spartan Race and managed to successfully complete the grueling course.  Tremendous fun was had all round, with copious amounts of mud, dirt and in some cases ice involved, it was truly an amazing experience.
A big thanks to the organisers for holding such a wonderful event and we hope to see you again next year!

Hot off the heels of the race, we were approached at the last minute to prepare and deliver several workshops for the 2011 British Science Festival.  Under the title “Games on the Go”, the workshops were designed to give an idea as to how video games (and other digital media) is conceived, developed and eventually released, with a focus on mobile content.  We gave it our unique twist by going into some of the details of how we develop our applications and games, along with a few sneak peaks into some of the tools and mechanisms we use in our games.
Using Skin Ink as the example, those attending got to make use of our in-house tool for building Stencils… oddly enough, known as “Stencil Builder”.  SB was used exclusively by the development team and we all know of it’s oddities, shortcomings and the workarounds to be able to build the stencils we’re after.  This made for some interesting stencils as letting others loose with our tools really showcased what Skin Ink can do… and in many cases, NOT do!

We’re heavily into the development of a super-secret, hush-hush project that – touch wood – seems to be going along brilliantly!
More details on this in the coming weeks, as that ever looming deadline is fast approaching…

And finally, another paragraph of cryptic nonsense: we’re hard at work on a fantastic partnership and development deal with not only a great company, but one with huge popularity!

With regards to the projects and concepts that we can’t discuss – the moment I’m allowed to shed some light on them, I will let you all know.  These are truly exciting concepts with business implications that are not only helping us to create some great content – but should enable others to do so, too!