Platform Expo, 2012


Shortly after returning from GDC, we were invited to speak at Hull University for the Platform Expo.  Discussing the topic of “Gaming Beyond Controllers”, attendees were introduced to many of the latest ideas in controller free gaming as well as exotic uses for motion controllers, that many are also familiar with.

Our gaming concept, Battlemages, was presented alongside some of the latest gaming creations that also use “non-standard” gaming interfaces.  Titles like “Johan Sebastian Joust” (with Playstation Move controllers) and “Renga” (with it’s 100 laser pointers and a Cinema screen) helped to demonstrate that more designers are looking for unique and innovative ways in which to engage their audience.

After the brief session, Mark was invited to speak on a panel alongside some of the veterans of the industry, including Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water and Bruce Grove from OnLive.  Many questions and thoughts were fired at and from the panel, with differing opinions on breaking into the industry (and via QA), thoughts on new platforms and more!