OUYA Controller AIR Native Extension

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Here’s a little something we’ve been working on since our OUYA arrived, it’s an Adobe AIR Native Extension for the OUYA Controller! More details to come, along with instructions and eventually the source, but for now the sample project should be easy enough to follow. Download the sample project and ANE from here! Update: This little project is all but … Read More

OUYA Controller ANE


This Adobe Native Extension (ANE) provides developers using Adobe AIR access to the OUYA Controller, as events are issued from the OUYA, via the ODK, they are then sent (through the ANE) to the AIR side. ANE Source ___________________________________

It’s arrived… It’s ARRIVED!


First day back in the office after the holidays and look what was waiting for us! We’re really looking forward to developing for the OUYA and we have lots of exciting ideas lined up!