Big Screen Game


Mark has been invited to speak at the University of Bradford on several occasions, discussing how to set up a small studio, several things indies should know and what Gaslight Games look for in a graduate. Through this, the University reached out regarding some mentoring for their Digital Media Working Academy scheme, which sees students work on real projects for outside clients. Naturally, this is something Mark jumped on!

As a firm believer in fostering and encouraging student development Mark, who appeared on Develop Magazine’s 30 Under 30, joined the team originally from mentoring perspective, helping to scope the project and work with the students to design and develop the game.

With the deadline looming, circumstances had changed and the University requested Gaslight Games take on the entire development! Still working with the remaining students, the academy staff and the BBC (as it’s their screen!) we were able to develop a fully motion controlled game that utilised the existing camera setup.

You can see the game here.