Casual Friday: Cards Against Humanity


Last week we enjoyed L4D2. Many of us had heard about this hilarious card game called Cards Against Humanity which of course meant, we had to order it.

This game is hilarious.
And offensive.
But then, it says the game is for horrible people, right on the box.

Like last week, here’s a quick rundown of the game.
The dealer hands out 10 white cards to each player. The players then, in turn, pick up and read one of the black cards. All the other players must then play a white card that they think best fits the black card. The player with the black card then reads it again, along with each white card – finally choosing which white card they think best fits the black card.

Hmm, that paragraph manages to make this game seem sedintary and pretty dull. It is very much the opposite! A quick YouTube search on the game would reveal how many others are playing and enjoying this game!

To say the game was enjoyed would be an understatement!
We were laughing so loud, the neighbouring offices all had a peek at what we were up to.