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Everyone here at Gaslight Games is super-excited to announce our Kickstarter for our game Master of the Seven Teas!

This campaign is just the start of everything that we are trying to achieve with Seven Teas. We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our technology and updating Seven Teas, with a few key elements we’re focusing on.

A big focus is supporting as many platforms as we can, so Seven Teas will be available on PC, Mac, OUYA, iOS, Android and Blackberry (OS 10). We’re working with OUYAs Free the Games fund, so the first release will be on the OUYA console and exclusive there for some time. Shortly after we’ll be hitting PC and Mac and after the exclusivity period, you’ll be able to enjoy pirate ships in a teacup on iOS, Android and Blackberry!

With all of these supported platforms, one thing we’ve developed is our networking solution, which will allow for any platform to play against any of the others!

Of course, we are also bringing our real-time fluid system to every platform, writing the proper shaders (for reflection and specular mapping), updating the AI and much, much more! More weapons, more power-ups, more game modes… MORE!

Please help us reach our goal and to spread the word – Master of the Seven Teas on Kickstarter!