Massive Update to Seven Teas

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After a couple of months of hard graft, we are able to release the next major update of Master of the Seven Teas, which should be available by 17:00 GMT (10:00 PDT) ASAP, pending QA!

This new version features:

  • Huge improvements in performance
  • Smarter and more devious AI
  • Achievements
  • Saved Settings
  • Offline Support
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

In the performance department, we’ve been able to improve a great deal by utilising asynchronous components and multi-threading, along with tweaks to the rendering.  Our improved AI is a pre-cursor to both bots across the other modes and also moving towards the single-player experience.  With Achievements, we have built a data monitoring and even system that is incredibly lightweight and also created (and monitored!) over 50 achievements!  Offline support is something many folks have been asking for and it is our pleasure to finally announce that this has been added, along with storing your settings (such as volume levels and control method).  And lastly, we spotted a few areas where we needed to tweak things and improve on others.