Guitar Hero: Live

For the past few months, Mark has been contracting with FreeStyle games, working on the latest iteration of the music franchise Guitar Hero. Quite a departure from our previous posts regarding Seven Teas, but this was and has been such an incredible opportunity to work on a title that has spanned numerous console generations!

Unreal Networking

Whilst Seven Teas was primarily designed as a 1-4 player, couch play experience, we opted to support network multiplayer games. This was another reason for the jump to Unreal, as their Networking is both incredibly robust and very well documented. Through this, we have gained a new understanding into what should be used, and where, what data is replicated (i.e. … Read More

Change of Technology

The current build of Master of the Seven Teas makes use of “Project Anarchy,” kindly provided by Havok… but with the recent announcement that Microsoft has purchased Havok, from Intel, the status of Project Anarchy is not entirely clear. The forums are closed, and as one of the primary locations for information about using the tools, and when coupled with … Read More