Wacom: Bamboo Page

Bamboo Page is an app for quick notes and sketches optimized for Windows 8. Capture your creative thoughts as quickly and simple as on real paper and share them instantly with colleagues and friends.


Bamboo Page is available on Windows 8 (and 8.1) for free!


GDC 2012, San Francisco

With a huge thanks to Game Republic and the UKTI, we were able to attend GDC 2012 in San Francisco, USA.  It truly is the best video games conference out there, with such an incredible plethora of speakers, panels, tutorials, sessions and a wonderful vibe entirely about the industry we all love: Video Games.

Both Mark (our Director) and Helen (our Creative Director) have wanted to go to GDC since they knew it even existed, so it was almost a ‘dream come true’ for them both. However, they managed to keep their composure and not run around like giddy children (most of the time!) in order to get the most out of what the conference had to offer.

It was great meeting companies from around the world, big and small, and seeing what everyone is up to. We made some great contacts and are looking forward to what that will bring in the future.


Wacom Recommends

This project for Wacom targets the new Cintiq Companion Hybrid device and provides a one-stop list of products Wacom Recommends, ranging from productivity through to creative apps.

This app comes pre-installed on the Companion.