Casual Friday: Monaco (& Left 4 Dead 2)


It’s been a few weeks since we posted anything about our Casual Friday gaming sessions – we have still been playing, mostly Left 4 Dead 2 with a bit of Cards Against Humanity thrown in for good measure.

This week marked another Humble Bundle, this time with the quite highly remarked game Monaco included within.

Sadly, the entire team got bored with Monaco after around 5 minutes… so we switched to L4D2 and has a blast, as always!


Kinect for Windows 2!

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Microsoft recently launched their new Kinect for Windows v2 program and we have been accepted! Our new sensor arrived and while it’s a pre-release (so anything relating to the hardware is not final – and the software is receiving regular updates, too) it’s exciting to get involved with the next generation of motion controllers.


Casual Friday: Cards Against Humanity


Last week we enjoyed L4D2. Many of us had heard about this hilarious card game called Cards Against Humanity which of course meant, we had to order it.

This game is hilarious.
And offensive.
But then, it says the game is for horrible people, right on the box.

Like last week, here’s a quick rundown of the game.
The dealer hands out 10 white cards to each player. The players then, in turn, pick up and read one of the black cards. All the other players must then play a white card that they think best fits the black card. The player with the black card then reads it again, along with each white card – finally choosing which white card they think best fits the black card.

Hmm, that paragraph manages to make this game seem sedintary and pretty dull. It is very much the opposite! A quick YouTube search on the game would reveal how many others are playing and enjoying this game!

To say the game was enjoyed would be an understatement!
We were laughing so loud, the neighbouring offices all had a peek at what we were up to.


University of Bradford: Periodic Review 1


Every 5 years, all Universities must perform a periodic review of the courses they offer. The idea of these reviews is to make sure that the course content is up-to-date and relevant and that the modules reflect this within each course.

Our close ties to the University of Bradford, and with many a Bradford Graduate working at Gaslight Games, we were invited to provide our thoughts on the current courses on offer, bringing our insights as an employer in the Video Games industry, to the discussion.


Casual Friday: Left 4 Dead 2


We are all avid gamers, here at Gaslight Games, and multi-player gaming is a large part of what we all enjoy playing. And when it comes to co-op games, one of the best has to be Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2.

Many of you would already be familiar with this game, so why bring it up? Well, when it gets to the end of the working week, the last hour or so on a Friday afternoon, productivity almost always falls. People get tired, the weekend is almost upon us and with only a few hours to go, there’s often little point in starting a major new task that you’ll only have to familiarise yourself with again come the next week.

With that in mind, we decided to devote the last hour on a Friday to multi-player gaming. Which brings us full circle back round to Left 4 Dead 2.

Just in case anyone isn’t familiar with this amazing Zombie Apocalypse title, here’s a very quick run-down of the game. You play one of four survivors who must battle (as a team!) through hordes of infected normal zombies and the special types, in order to make it to various safe rooms and an eventual rescue.

Working on as many games and various projects that we have, we know we collaborate well when it comes to work and co-op games like L4D2 are a great way to see if we can operate together outside of that environment. After many a rescue, frustrating restarts at safe houses (that damn L4D AI Director!!) we figure that not only can we make software, but we’d make a good group of survivors come the end of the World.